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The Advanced Pricing Option offers advanced pricing capabilities including price-by-location, 6-level prices, oversize pricing for apparel, and custom pricing for price calculations.

Price-by-location allows an item to have a 6-Prcdifferent price at each selling location. For example, your downtown store can charge higher prices than your uptown store. 6-Level Prices Tiered, multi-level pricing automatically selects a particular price level based on the specific customer making the purchase and the quantity being sold. In the CounterPoint Base System, each inventory item may have up to three price levels for the item’s stocking unit and for each of its five alternate units.
The Advanced Pricing Option expands the number of price levels for each unit from three to six.

Oversize Pricing (Price-by-Cell)
Oversize pricing for gridded (apparel) items allows you to charge a higher or lower price for each cell (color/size combination) of a gridded item. Pricing rules are used to assign a surcharge (or discount) of a dollar amount, a percentage increase/decrease, or a fixed price for each cell. For example, you could define a rule that determines “all X-Large in the category SHIRT for vendor 123 are Price-1 plus $5” or “all BLUE colors of the item DRESS are Price-1 less 10%.”

Custom Pricing
Advanced users may use custom SQL stored procedures to further customize price calculations. Custom pricing using stored procedures is valuable if your pricing rules require formulas (e.g., 10% off Price-1 minus one dollar) that cannot be described using the standard calculation methods.


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