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CPGateway enhances credit card processing for CounterPoint merchants. With CPGateway, you can authorize credit cards, debit cards, EBT food stamps, stored value cards, and checks over the Internet in less than two seconds. CPGateway allows you to obtain authorizations from your processor using the Internet instead of dialing out for each authorization. This method is faster and more reliable than dial-up communications.



CPGateway is suitable for businesses of all sizes. High-volume businesses will benefit from fast authorizations all year long. Lower-volume businesses can reduce monthly fees by using CPGateway only during their peak seasons.



CPGateway offers:
2-second authorizations for credit cards, debit cards, EBT, stored value cards, and checks
Internet-based service
Faster settlement times
Compatibility with CPOnline (for real-time authorizations in your ecommerce store)
CISP compliance
Simple setup
Economical fees
Ease of use
One Internet connection for multiple workstations
Compatibility with First Data North, First Data South, Vital, and Paymentech
Automatic fallback using CPDialup
Direct American Express authorizations instead of routing through processors (reduces bank fees)

Opening an online store is easier than you think.CPOnline Ecommerce capabilities are built into CounterPoint and are compatible with CPOnline, a Web-hosting and ecommerce service designed especially for CounterPoint merchants. Because CPOnline is fully integrated with CounterPoint, you can maintain your brick-and-mortar store and your online store at the same time. There’s no costly double entry.

CPOnline is suitable for merchants of all sizes. With CPOnline, you can publish CounterPoint’s inventory and customer information to your online store. Shoppers place orders online, and the orders are imported into CounterPoint for processing and fulfillment.

CPOnline capabilities include:
A complete Web site and shopping cart
Real-time credit card authorizations with CPGateway
Special member pricing, member-only items, and customer-specific discounts
Online account access where shoppers can view their order status.
(A/R charge customers can also view their available credit and account status)
Automatic email notifications to shoppers when orders are shipped
Package tracking
Easy-to-use Store Management Web site where you can maintain and configure your online store
Automated Data Transfer (Premium Feature) exchanges data in unattended mode
Tax Rate Lookup by ZIP Code (Premium Feature) calculates tax based on the ZIP code

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