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CPSQL Special Functions

Adding and changing inventory and customer information on-the-fly
Age-restricted items (for alcohol, etc.)
Automatic station locking when computer is inactive
“Discount” items (to track coupons, trade-ins, or other sale reductions)
Fractional prices (e.g., $1.3755 per LB)
Fractional quantities (e.g., 1.6255 feet)
Free-form comments
Item and serial number prompts for requesting additional info(such as a monogram or permit #)
Maximums for change, refunds, and overtenders
Minimum price restrictions based on the item’s price level (“don’t allow a price below Price-2”)
Minimum price restrictions based profit percent (“don’t allow a price with less than 20% profit")
Miscellaneous charges (amount or percent)
No-sales (authorized users can open cash drawers)
Pay-ins and pay-outs to add or remove money from a drawer
Cash Drops / Cash Loan (Put excess money in safe / add money to drawer from safe)
Payments on customer accounts from ticket entry screen and customer managment
Predefined ship-to addresses (addresses can also be entered at the time of sale)
Price, tax, and quantity overrides
Random weight barcodes (weight is encoded in barcode)
Reason codes for returns, overrides, and voids
Ticket profile tracking fields for collecting additional information
Ticket reprints
Markdown tracking
Ticket voids for authorized users
Weighed items (with scale support) and tare weights (container weights)
Supports Special pricing (based on date, time, customer, item,and hundreds of other criteria)
Scrapping items during returns (Item retuned with scrapping are not returned to inventory)
BOGO/twofer pricing (Buy one get one and other simular pricing methods)
Margin-driven pricing (On screen indicators when selling below items margin)
Prompting for kit components
Prompted for item substitutions if insufficient quantities
Suport for Discontinued and Inactive items
Automatic purchase request by Replenishment, Days of supply, min/max and forecast-driven
Generating purchasing advice for primary, specific or lowest-cost vendors
Optionally consolidating lines on purchase requests
Generating purchasing advice using vendors purchasing units
Gift registries
Kits/Bills of Material Option
WebHelp-CounterPoint on-line help screens are user customizable
Validated returns (virtually eliminates your risk of theft due to fraudulent returns)
Fill Backorders report
Identifying items by vendors' item number (You can enter vendors item number or your item No.)
Support for Gift Receipts
Admission tickets supported (You sell 4 admissions for an event - will print 4 receipts)

Peripheral Devices    ..... More details
Receipt printers
Invoice printers
Combination invoice/receipt printers
Electronic cash drawers
Barcode readers and scanners
Magstripe readers (for credit cards, loyalty cards, or ID cards)
PIN pads (for debit cards)
Signature capture
Check (MICR) readers
Customer pole displays
Multiple monitors (for displaying a separate screen image to your customers during checkout; you can display advertisements, item images, change due, customer details, etc.)
Programmable keyboards
Touchscreen monitors
Weight scales
Handheld data-collection terminals (can also be used for physical count)


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